3-year research position in atmospheric data assimilation

Modern meteorology requires management and analysis of enormous amounts of data, and offers great and exciting professional challenges. Since the institute was established in 1866, Norwegian meteorologists have played a key role in this development. Today the Norwegian Meteorological Institute is a leading international environment of expertise in operational meteorology and climatology.

3-year research position in atmospheric data assimilation

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway) opens a 3-year researcher position on atmospheric data assimilation. The position is affiliated to the Development Center for Weather Forecasting, a department at MET Norway. The vacant position is related to the Copernicus Arctic Regional Reanalysis (CARRA) and Production of a regional Reanalysis for Europe within the Copernicus climate change Service (PRECISE) projects funded by the Copernicus Climate Change Service and other data assimilation projects at MET Norway. The work will take place in an international context and the successful candidate will play important role in setup, operation and maintenance of mesoscale data assimilation and forecast systems.

The Development Centre for Weather Forecasting has 41 researchers and development meteorologists. The main responsibilities of the Development Center for Weather Forecasting are: The development and production of data, products and services in cooperation with and for state agencies and municipalities; being responsible for geophysical development and operation of the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) value chain; being responsible for the development of Yr.no and api.met.no; contributing to the development of MET’s production chains in the context of the department’s free data policy; contributing to the development of services and user interfaces for internal users; and conducting research on NWP. Generally, the work is organized in projects, often multidisciplinary involving meteorologists, IT and communication experts, and carried out in collaboration with national and international partners and is largely funded externally. The latter ensures that project results have high quality and relevance, and are competitive.

Areas of work

The main area of work will be in CARRA. CARRA is motivated by the rapid climate change in the Arctic, which has profound socio-economic consequences. The regional reanalysis will provide knowledge about the past climate in the Arctic and Europe, and will provide important input to studies of climate change and earth system processes, help manage risk in emerging economic activities, and provide knowledge input to governance towards sustainable development of the Arctic.

The successful candidate will take part in our reanalysis projects, with main activities:

  • To assemble, test and evaluate key numerical weather prediction system components
  • To prepare and provide observation data needed for the reanalysis production
  • To carry out CARRA reanalysis for the targeted period on two domains, North-West   and North-East of European Arctic
  • To prepare documentation and guidance on the available products from the service to the users of the Arctic regional reanalysis data.
  • To contribute on development of observation preprocessing and quality control and developing the data assimilation system on use of historical satellite data for the PRECISE reanalysis system.
  • General research and development activities on data assimilation, like 4D-Var and ensemble of data assimilations (EDA)


The projects will employ the HARMONIE-AROME NWP system, which is a convection-permitting system developed jointly by several European weather services, and is the operational forecasting system at MET Norway. The work will be undertaken in cooperation with international partner institutes.

The working language at MET Norway is Norwegian. For all applicants fluency in written and spoken English is required, and for foreign applicants a willingness to learn Norwegian.

The candidate should

  • Set up, diagnose, operate and maintain an AROME-based data assimilation and forecast systems
  • Work with setup of the data assimilation system, including preparing all seasonal background error statistics for the mesoscale model and collecting  the input observations
  • Contribute to the preparation of the upper-air satellite microwave and infrared radiances
  • Contribute to the implementation of diagnostic and monitoring tools of the CARRA reanalysis production system
  • Contribute to scientific publications
  • Attend collaborative national and international meetings
  • Strengthen MET Norway’s expertise for weather and climate prediction in the High North


  • Master or PhD degree in meteorology, atmospheric sciences, geophysics, applied mathematics or equivalent
  • Experience and proven knowledge in scientific programming within the Linux environment are required
  • Expertise in setup, development and maintenance of an AROME-based operational mesoscale data assimilation system is required
  • Expertise and interest in polar meteorology and climate are an advantage
  • Solution and result oriented
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work independently
  • Experience from project work
  • Good communication skills

Working conditions

  • good working environment
  • professional challenges in a modern, technological environment
  • salary as scientist on the governmental salary scales dependent on qualifications and experience

It is a human relations objective that the staff should reflect the population composition of Norway in general, both with regard to gender and cultural diversity.

Further information can be obtained from Director of Development Center for Weather Forecasting Dr. Jørn Kristiansen (+47 46420054; jornk@met.no) or Deputy director R&D Department and project leader of CARRA Harald Schyberg (+47 948 84 569; harald.schyberg@met.no)

Deadline for application: 05.11.17

The application must be submitted electronically