Senior scientist/scientist/postdoc – Global climate and earth system modelling

Modern meteorology requires management and analysis of enormous amounts of data, and offers great and exciting professional challenges. Since the institute was established in 1866, the Norwegian meteorologists have played a key role in this development. Norwegian Meteorological Institute is today a leading international environment of expertise in operational meteorology and climatology.

Senior scientist/scientist/postdoc – Global climate and earth system modelling

A permanent position as senior scientist / scientist within the field of global climate and earth system modelling is open at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway). If a suitable candidate at the senior level is not found, a postdoc can be hired for a 3 year term to do specific development tasks

The research on climate and earth system processes at MET Norway is centred around the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) and the contribution to CMIP model intercomparisons and their analysis. The NorESM is developed and applied in a national partnership in particular with the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen (BCCR) and the Department of Geosciences at the University of Oslo. The NorESM work at MET Norway and elsewhere has been evaluated as outstanding by an international evaluation committee appointed by the Norwegian Research Council.

The new position is a part of the R&D Division with about 70 scientists altogether, addressing model and analysis of oceanography, marine meteorology, climate and air pollution. The R&D Division is organized in projects and serves the operational part of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute as well as external project funders.


The new scientist will work within the field of climate and earth system modelling, with emphasis on development and analysis of processes in the atmospheric component of NorESM and/or interactions between the atmosphere and the land surface. He/she will contribute to advanced scientific diagnosis of results, in particular analysis of model results in the context of CMIP model intercomparisons. The field of work should be useful for better constraining anthropogenic forcing e.g. through aerosols, cloud feedbacks, climate sensitivity, understand the atmospheric hydrological cycle, and connect to climate services and communication. Further activities will partly depend on available external funding, and the candidate will contribute to relevant project acquisition together with other members of the group.

Preferred qualifications

  • experience with advanced model codes and scripts as she/he will be a member of the core NorESM group.
  • PhD in natural sciences, preferably geosciences
  • significant scientific track record in the dynamics, physics and/or chemistry of the atmosphere
  • additional competence in processes influencing fluxes between the land surface and the atmosphere is an advantage
  • experience in developing, applying, and interpreting results from advanced atmospheric climate and/or NWP models
  • experience with team work and with externally funded research projects, won through competition
  • experience with project leadership is an advantage
  • fluency in written and spoken English
  • it is an advantage if the new scientist is familiar with UNIX/LINUX, python, FORTRAN-90, web services and has experience with parallelization and optimization routines


  • salary as scientist on the governmental salary scales dependent on qualifications and experience
  • membership in the governmental pension scheme (2% deducted from gross salary)
  • the first 6 months is a mutual trial period

It is an aim that the composition of the staff at the Norwegian Meteorological institute shall reflect the composition of the population at large both in terms of gender and cultural background.

For more details, contact Head of Division Hilde Fagerli (ph +47 920 26 597), Deputy Head of Division Michael Schulz (ph +47 984 71 672) or Director of Research Lars-Anders Beivik (ph +47 917 50 623).

Deadline for application: 01th of December 2017

The application must be submitted electronically:

Please attach CV, list of publications and the names of two references