A world without publishers?

A world without publishers?

Av Forskerforum

Publisert 1. mars 2021 kl. 13:13

Scientific publishing has long since turned digital, and the rows of scientific journals at University libraries are shrinking. ‘I think journals are on their way out and will perish together with the senior scientists who built their careers on them,’ says Prof. Are Raklev (pictured) of the Department of Physics at UiO. He finds all relevant research in user-run online archives.

Among those who disagree is long-time editor Michael Bretthauer. ‘I assess up to seven new manuscripts a day, and I think … Is it new, is it true, is it interesting?’ To him, the editors are key. ‘What’s the alternative? If everyone is posting themselves, it’s even worse, since there are no checks.’

But perhaps there are alternatives? Among the many new models proposed, Raklev points to serious heavyweights in his field who, with no aim of profit, dare publish in new open journals and experiment with open peer reviews after publication. ‘The big question concerns younger researchers who need to show off their work – when will they dare to publish like that?’

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